Where do we buy surveillance cameras?

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A question to which the answer is not that simple. If we do a poll, most people buy surveillance cameras using price as a primary selection criterion. Because of this, most people in need of video surveillance fall into the net of online merchants who sell monitoring equipment at a very low price, but of a workable quality.

I have noticed that they boast in their words the products that have the same shape and color as a performance camera only as the difference makes the technology from inside. When people see the same shape and color at a lower price, obviously they are heading for that cheaper camera. Wrong! It is very important to study the performance of the cameras before adding a product you need to monitor a location.

Moreover, when customers need technical support, those merchants are no longer answering the phone or providing information for a fee. EyeWatch, in turn, helps its customers with free technical assistance for both acquisition and installation – London CCTV installers.

We know that not all people have cctv knowledge so to help the general public, we also created video samples at the cameras marketed on surveillance-camere.net. Obviously, afterwards, the competition was taken after us, but we have to emphasize something extremely important.

Any room, however weak, may well see a distance of 1 – 2 meters. Here you can again be fooled as a customer. For this reason, we have made video samples from the 3rd floor over a distance of about 80-100 m per day and at night. Take great care of the room you choose and do not let yourself be influenced by a clear picture within 2 meters if you need monitoring over a length of 60 meters.

The aforementioned statement is very important because investing in poor quality rooms will save you money on the glass. Later, when you notice the mistake, you will need a new investment but this time in the performance equipment that meets your security requirements.

The team recommends you pay attention to the websites where you buy video surveillance cameras and keep in mind the cheap products. If they have too low prices then it’s clear that something is wrong.

Tip: For superior image quality, head to a surveillance camera that has at least 600 TV lines and a dvr capable of recording at full d1 resolution at 25 fps / channel. This is the only way you will get the details you want in the area where you will find the future video surveillance system.

If you are unclear and want to build a complete video security kit, call us because together we will find the most suitable equipment for your location. Furthermore, we will help you set the products purchased from our online store without additional costs.



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